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FREE E-BOOK - Discovering the New Covenant by Greg Taylor

SPECTRUM MAGAZINE Interview w/Mark Martin
Salvation, the Soul and the New Birth - Notes by Jon Rittenhouse
Jesus - God Incarnate - Notes by Jon Rittenhouse
Once Saved, Always Saved? - Notes by Jon Rittenhouse
Is the Bible Trustworthy? - Notes by Jon Rittenhouse
Should we Keep the Sabbath? Article by James A. Borland
Oops! Great Big Contradiction
Adventists Need 1,000 New Churches in North America This Year
Go Figure… Adventist Converts are Expensive!
Leading Ladies

VIDEO TEACHING on The Clear Word by Pastor Mark Martin
Ellen White - Did She Have Visions or Seizures?

D.M. Canright Did Not Recant Before His Death

The Law - Only One Covenant?
The Spirit Behind the Numbers
Is The Clear Word the SDA Church's "Bible" of Preference?
At your local ABC:  "It Came Upon A Midnight 'CLEAR'"
Hebrew & Greek Expert Critiques The Clear Word

Did Charles Spurgeon Support Adventist Doctrine?

The Seventh Day & Creation
"The Gospel, 1844, and Judgment" - A Critique by Dr. Desmond Ford
"Open Letter to Jud Lake" by Dale Ratzlaff
Will There be a National Sunday Law?
1.5 Million Leave SDA Church in Past 5 Years
Adventist Enrollment in SDA Schools Declining
Book Review of "Ten Commandments Twice Removed"
Ellen White Contradicts Jesus
LAMPLIGHTER Article on Seventh-day Adventism
An Adventist Leader's Admission About Ellen G. White

Jesus is Not Michael the Archangel
Set Free by Truth: Adventist Couple Investigates Ellen White Literary Controversy

Excellent Research on the Afterlife

Desire of Ages Not Inspired
Dr. Adrian Bury's Articles in English & Hungarian
What About the Waldensians?
Amalgamation of Man and Beast?
What Did Ellen G. White Mean By Amalgamation of Man and Animals?
Clear Word Bible: (Is it Really the Word of God?)
Adventist Admission About "The Clear Word Bible" 
German SDA Churches Collaborate with Hitler and Nazi Germany
Seventh-day Adventism Teaches that Jesus' Blood Defiles
Seventh-day Adventism Renounced (by Elder D.M. Canright)
Life of Mrs. E.G. White... Her False Claims Refuted (by Elder D.M. Canright)
Sabbatarianism Re-Examined (by Robert D. Brinsmead)
Beware This Cult (by Gregory G. P. Hunt)
The Believer and the Law Is Torah Observance for Us Today? (by Gary Hendrick)
Seventh-day Adventism and the Writings of Ellen G. White (by J. Mark Martin)
A Study on the Law and the Covenants
What are the Commandments of God?
Saturday or Sunday? (by Sam Pestes)
Freedom Without Anarchy? (by Sam Pestes)
Sinai Covenant: Only Half Gone? (by Sam Pestes)
Testimony of Jesus Article
SDA Attrition Rates
Alarming Comments by former SDA President Jan Paulsen
Matthew 5:17-18
The Lite Side

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