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The goal of exAdventist Outreach is to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with those in the SDA Church.  We have a burden and desire to see all those in bondage set free.

Our ministry at Calvary serving a flock of over 11,000 members keeps us pretty busy.  We have spent a lot of time over the years developing this website that covers various subjects and doctrines of the SDA Church.  Please take some time to read and study the pages of this site.  We've also put together a Quick Intro to SDA page that can help answer your questions.

We have an Interactive FAQ database with hundreds of previously asked questions and their answers for you to browse and search through.  We've found that over the years we tend to get a lot of the same questions repeated.  For this reason we have created this Interactive FAQ, simply type in your question and several answers will be displayed.  If your question has not already been addresed, you will have the option to submit it to us for an answer.

Please note that if you contact us via email it may take a few weeks to get a response due to the heavy volume of emails we receive.  If your emailed question has been addressed in the Interactive FAQ we may refer you back to it.


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