Help! I Married an Adventist

A question we often get at is from believers asking for help with their Adventist spouse. These can be difficult situations and each must be handled with grace and love. If for whatever reason you as a Christian believer find yourself married to someone in the SDA religion, these are the most important things you can do:

        1. Love and pray for them
        2. Educate yourself
        3. Be led by the Spirit

The most important thing you can do is to love your spouse and constantly keep them in prayer. Prayer is our greatest weapon in spiritual warfare. Ask the Lord to soften their heart and open their mind to the truths in His Word. Also pray for yourself and stay close to the Lord.

Next, be sure you educate yourself on key Christian doctrines of salvation and such and be familiar with various false SDA doctrines. Our website and many others like it should help equip you in knowing truth from error when it comes to Adventist teachings. The big topics to look at and understand what the Bible really says about them are: the Sabbath, the Covenants, what happens after death, the Investigative Judgment, and Ellen White. Study the Scriptures and be familiar with the truth in His Word.

Finally, be led by the Holy Spirit and allow Him freedom to do His work in the heart of your loved one, and you will be prepared to lovingly correct and inform on various SDA beliefs as the opportunities arise. Don't push things and try to live in peace as much as possible. God will open the doors at the right time for you to share the truth.

Did we mention prayer? Seriously, pray, pray, pray.


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