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10 Questions & Answers on Seventh-day Adventism
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Why do Seventh-day Adventists worship on Saturdays only? Who was their prophet, Ellen G. White, and what did she teach about Jesus (identified as Michael the Archangel), the Trinity (both God the Father and Jesus have tangible bodies), and salvation? What is the SDA Bible paraphrase, The Clear Word, and how does it alter the original Greek and Hebrew meanings to fit Mrs. White's unusual teachings? Why do Adventists consider Sunday worship “the mark of the beast?” What is the “investigative judgment,” and how does it deny the biblical belief that Jesus paid fully for our sins at the cross? Christians need to be aware of traditional Adventist teachings. Find out what SDA members really believe, and why. This pamphlet gives 10 beliefs that contradict the Bible yet are held by SDA’s today.

  • This short, simple 14-page overview gives side-by-side comparisons of the most important issues—and the beliefs that every SDA member holds.
  • In just a few minutes, you will grasp the basic problems with the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist prophet, Ellen G. White.
  • Know the history and strange teachings of SDA about salvation, atonement, and their failed end times prophecies.
  • Find out that the SDA church considers itself to be the only true remnant church.
  • See examples showing how the Seventh-day Adventist Bible paraphrase, The Clear Word, changes dozens of biblical passages to add in Ellen G. White’s unusual doctrines.
  • Learn why they go to Christian music events and try to proselytize young believers.
  • SDA’s believe that worshipping on Sunday is the mark of the Beast (a sign you are not a true Christian).
  • Glossary that shows how SDA members use Christian terms but mean something else.

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