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WHO Is the Adventist Jesus?
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ISBN 1-59781-328-1
Author Elmer Wiebe
Size 367 pages
Price $14.95
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WHO Is the Adventist Jesus? is not a causal read, but rather a reference book with official quotes for the purposes of studying the chronological changes made within Seventh-day Adventism concerning the person of Jesus Christ.  This is not an attack on those who are Seventh-day Adventists, but rather it is an examination of what they have taught from its inception to our present day.  This book is designed for people who desire to seriously delve into the most critical difference between mainline Christianity and Seventh-day Adventism.  While the Seventh-day Adventist Church is considered to be just another denomination in most evangelical circles, the most pivotal issue is how a religious faith views Jesus Christ in light of the Holy Scriptures.  Let's investigate!


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