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The Truth About Seventh-Day Adventist "Truth"
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Author Dale Ratzlaff
Size 47 pages
Price $2.95
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About this booklet…

Today there are many Christians who do not fully understand the implications of Adventist teachings and practice. Many see the Seventh-day Adventist Church as simply another Evangelical church that worships on Saturday (Sabbath). They see the many good things that Adventists do—and there are many—and do not perceive the cultic nature of historic Adventism nor understand the spiritual bondage that results from following Adventist teachings.

Within the Adventist church there are growing tensions regarding several of its historic teachings. Many know they cannot be supported by honest biblical interpretation. However, because this church has claimed to be the last-day true church on the basis of these very doctrines they face a dilemma. How can they change these identifying doctrines and not commit denominational suicide?

It is our prayer that this little booklet will serve to educate the church at large and in some small way encourage the SDA church to renounce its unbiblical teachings and fully embrace the all sufficient, simple gospel of God's grace in Christ.

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