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Avoiding the Snare of Seventh-Day Adventism
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Author David Cloud
Size 147 pages
Price $4.95
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An excerpt of this book reads:

Here is a person who has placed his trust in the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has been, therefore, cleansed of sin, justified, placed into the family of God, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, sealed unto the day of resurrection.  He is a saved sinner, walking in the eternal liberty of the redeemed sons of God, happily serving his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, not for fear of rejection, not to inherit salvation, but in gratitude to his Savior for the eternal life he has been given.

Along comes the cultist.  And rather than rejoicing with this redeemed sinner over his good wisdom in finding salvation in Christ, and encouraging him simply to continue in the grace of Christ, he clucks his tongue in a very concerned way and says, "Not enough.  Not enough.  Faith in Christ is not enough!  To be really saved, my friend, you need to do this and that and the other and . . . Yes, if you really want to be right with God you must come with us into our group.  We will show you the way."

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