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The White Lie
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Author Walter Rea
Size 409 pages
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This is a well-documented work proving beyond the shadow of doubt that much, if not most, of the writings of Ellen White were copied from others. What she claims to have gotten from God in vision often can be traced to the works of others. For example, Walter Rea quotes form research done by Ron Graybill. Here is what he found.

"Ellen White was not just borrowing paragraphs here and there that she ran across in her reading, but in fact following the historians page after page, leaving out much material, but using their sequence, some of their ideas, and often their words...The hand-written manuscript on John Huss follows the historian so closely that it does not even seem to have gone through an intermediary state, but rather from the historian's printed page to Mrs. White's manuscript, including historical errors and moral exhortations." (The White Lie, P. 164)

After years of study, Walter Rea has concluded that about 80% of the writings of EGW can be traced to the works of others.

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