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The Sabbath and the Lord's Day
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Author H. M. Riggle
Size 157 pages
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Sunday is, and has been, the traditional day of worship for the vast majority of Christendom. Because of this fact, numerous Christians - including many pastors - have accepted this practice without careful study. This has played into the hands of sabbatarians who have well-thought-out arguments that are very compelling for those who are not thoroughly grounded in good biblical hermeneutics.

Sabbath vs. Sunday understandings build upon one's conclusions regarding the old and new covenants in general and how one views the Ten Commandments in particular. Most Christians will be quick to give homage to the Ten Commandments and in so doing fall for the sabbatarian argument, "If the Ten Commandments are still binding today, they why don't you keep the Fourth?" Riggle tackles this difficult subject head on and draws his conclusions straight from Scripture. His arguments are cogent and forceful. This is a book that gives needed answers for those who are involved with sabbatarian issues.

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