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Sabbatarian Concordance & Commentary
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Author Gerald Wright
Size 167 pages
Price $4.95
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About this book…

It is a Concordance: An attempt has been made to chronologically catalogue every text - from Genesis to Revelation - where the word "sabbath" occurs in the Bible. Many other "covenant" texts are also included. An extensive scripture index makes fingertip research easy. This makes the book a most helpful tool in studying the sabbath issue.

It is a Commentary: Standard Sabbatarian assertions and interpretations are presented alongside with point by point answers of the same from many other books, commentaries and debates. Such makes this book a veritable library and a powerful tool in discussion or debate.

All this, plus numerous other good points of discussion on other related subjects - like the division between the Old and New Testaments, Covenants, the Lord's Day, legalism, justification, etc. - make this book an important and useful addition to any religious library.

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