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FAQ ID # 473
Last Update : 2008/04/15
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Question / Issue
After Lazarus died, Jesus told his deciples the he "slept', and they misunderstood thinking that he would improve, but then he explained to them that he in fact had died. Does this mean that death equals sleep, or had Lazarus cognitive self, soul or spirit, go to heaven, then returned to earth again after he was resurrected, can you help?

Answer / Solution

For those who believe in Christ death is only sleep because they have been saved from death. Lazarus went to paradise which was a holding place for the saints until Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. After the cross when a believer “dies” they no longer go to paradise but they go to be present with the Lord. Listen to Pastor Mark’s audio message on "What Happens When You Die" for clarification.  This can be found on the Audio page of


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